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Centrelink has many requirements of people who seek assistance

A disaster, such as a bushfire or a flood, can take away your home, your business, or the business you work for. Sadly, disasters happen all too often in Victoria.

Some people have their first experience with Centrelink after a disaster. For example, they may apply for Jobseeker payment, a disaster payment, or a crisis payment.

Centrelink has many requirements of people who seek assistance, including:

· Identification documents

· Financial information

· Information about family relationships

To be ready for such a situation, it’s a good idea to have your important information easily accessible to take with you in the event you need to flee a disaster. You could also consider securely storing the information online. 

For example, think about:

· Can you access your bank account if you don’t have your own phone or computer?

· Would you remember who you’re insured with if all your documents are gone?

· How will you go with 100 points of ID?

These are challenging things to think about but – especially if you live in a bushfire or flood zone – its best to think about them before disaster strikes, rather than afterwards.

Our Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan will tackle this challenge from a range of perspectives. Find out more.

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