Worker assistance

The SSRV Worker Help Line offers free and accessible services to social, community and health workers (such as financial counsellors , disability advocates, social workers, doctors and community lawyers) to help support your client.

Individuals can be referred to the Social Security Rights Victoria (SSRV) Legal Assistance Line.

Mondays – Fridays, 9.00am – 5.00pm
Ph: 03 9481 0655 Rural Callers 1800 094 164

SSRV lawyers can provide specialist information, advice and legal support for people living in Victoria in relation to matters such as:

  • eligibility for pensions and allowances
  • medical evidence and other information required for applications
  • Centrelink overpayments and debts
  • suspension or cancellation of payments
  • family violence and social security
  • appealing Centrelink decisions
We may also:

  • invite you to make a warm referral of your client to SSRV for further legal assistance
  • offer resources and training to you and your colleagues
  • ask you for feedback

SSRV lawyers provide a range of further legal assistance services such as assessment of documentation and decisions, negotiation with Centrelink and providing representation at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal hearings. This assistance is subject to guidelines and availability of resources.

SSRV has created an online resource to help applicants access the Disability Support Pension (DSP): DSP Help.

DSP Help includes information about:

  • What the DSP is and what eligibility criteria must be met
  • How the DSP is assessed
  • How to gather medical evidence to support an application
  • How to apply for the DSP
  • What to do if your application is rejected

DSP Help includes a medical evidence chatbot. This can be used to generate a personalised Medical Evidence Kit you can take to your doctors/specialists to assist them in supporting your application with medical evidence.

SSRV is committed to working with other services and workers to support people who are experiencing overlapping legal, financial and other challenges in their life. You are encouraged to speak with SSRV lawyers about how they may be able to work co-operatively with you to provide integrated (joined-up, wrap-around) assistance to individuals and groups of clients in relation to social security matters.

SSRV provides training and resources to other professionals including community lawyers and community workers. Our aim is to build the confidence and capability of other professionals to better identify and assist people experiencing, or who may encounter, social security problems. Contact SSRV on 03 9481 0299 or to discuss professional development needs and opportunities.

Recent examples of SSRV’s community legal education activities include:

  • SSRV Central Webinar on DSP (November 2022)
  • SSRV Central Webinar on Debts in (April 2023)
  • FC Vic Conference presentations on Debts and DSP (September 2022)
  • Gippsland Farm Succession presentation (February 2023)
  • Bring Your Bills Day in Shepparton (May 2023)

Visit the Resource Centre section of this website to view fact sheets that may help individuals and professionals to understand social security rights and obligations, and to resolve some problems with Centrelink. This section also includes links to other useful resources and organisations.

Social Security Debt Help is a website that helps people better understand Centrelink debts, how they come about, and what they can do if they or someone they’re supporting has one. Centrelink debts are legal issues and it’s important to get legal advice about how to manage them. This self-help tool will assist people with debts to  understand their options before they get advice, so they know what to ask and what might apply to them.

Eligibility for assistance

SSRV lawyers provide a range of further legal assistance services. This assistance is subject to guidelines and availability of resources.

Privacy policy obligations

Protecting your privacy and personal information is an important part of how we manage our services. Social Security Rights Victoria has obligations and you have rights under privacy law.

Feedback & complaints

We welcome feedback and will deal with complaints in an open and fair way.