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Social Security Rights Victoria’s (SSRV) vision is for a fair and just society in which all people are able to receive a guaranteed adequate income in order to enjoy a decent standard of living.

We contribute to research, public debate and advocacy about social security law, policy and administration in Australia. With a focus on vulnerable and disadvantaged members of our community, SSRV works to highlight injustices, unfair laws and practices and to propose solutions. This work draws on our experience in providing legal assistance to people in Victoria.

We are also committed to ensuring that we understand social security legal need in Victoria and we work with other services to best meet this need.

SSRV reviews and evaluates its work and we try innovative approaches, because we want the best services and outcomes for our clients and the community.

In this section you will find information about research, policy and advocacy work by SSRV and related organisations.

Social Security Rights Victoria


SSRV Submissions

Australian Senate Inquiry into the Administrative Review System

SSRV’s Submission

Economic Justice Australia (EJAs) Submission

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Victorian Legislative Assembly’s Inquiry into services for Older Victorians

SSRV’s Submission

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Senate Disability Support Pension Review

SSRV’s Submission

SSRV’s Supplementary Submission

SSRV’s Appearance at Review (note that SSRV’s appearance is one of a number in the video).

Submission to the Community Affairs Committee of the Australian Senate on the Consistent Waiting Periods (that is, the Newly Arrived Residents’ Waiting Period) August 2021

Note that this hyperlink is to all the submissions. SSRV’s is number 20.

Submission to the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System, July 2019

In order to best demonstrate the intersection between Victoria’s mental health system and the Commonwealth social security system, this submission address the following systemic issues –

  1. How Newstart Allowance activity requirements and medical exemptions affect Victorians living with mental illness;
  2. How the Disability Support Pension eligibility criteria and application process affect Victorians living with mental illness; and
  3. How barriers to Centrelink benefits affect a wide range of Victorian Government funded services and the Victorian community.

See the full submission here.

Economic Justice Australia (EJA) is the peak organisation for community legal centres providing specialist advice to people on their social security rights and issues. EJA produces reports and submissions which draw on the experiences of the members, their clients and communities.

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