Disaster Preparedness & Response

Disasters are declared within Victoria between six and ten times every year. Our analysis tells us that disasters can be both a direct or indirect cause of disputes with Centrelink.  For example:

  • If you need to change your address because your home has been damaged by flood, storm or bushfire, your changed domestic arrangements may have implications for social security payments you are already receiving
  • You may have become a client of Centrelink for the first time, and be unclear about your rights and obligations
  • You may experience difficulty in meeting your mutual obligations due to disaster-related circumstances

Our community lawyers can speak with you, or your community worker, about disaster-related social security legal issues.

We have created a series of articles and videos to assist in raising your awareness of disaster-related social security legal issues, and assist you to be more resilient to disasters, especially where your relationship with Centrelink is concerned:

Did you know? – Information about disasters and Centrelink issues

Articles about disaster preparedness and social security

Articles and videos specifically in relation to the 2023/2024 bushfire season.