DSP Help project: its impact and plans for the future

Over the past two years SSRV has been working on our DSP Help Project, using human-centred design and technology to build a resource that applicants, support workers, health workers and others can use to better understand the Disability Support Pension (DSP) application and appeals processes. We gratefully acknowledge that the Project has been funded by the Victorian Legal Services Board Grants Program.

As the project winds up, we’d like to take a moment to talk about what’s been achieved and look at the future of DSP Help. 

What did we do? 

The core of the DSP Help Project was the creation of the online resource: https://dsphelp.org.au/. Designed with the needs of DSP applicants and those supporting them in mind, DSP Help provides information and guidance to help navigate the DSP application and appeals processes. 

The website includes: 

Information about DSP eligibility and supporting medical evidence. 

A medical evidence chatbot applicants can use to generate a customised evidence kit they can take to their doctors when seeking a letter or report in support of their application. 

Information about appealing a rejected application. 

Resources for doctors and other health workers who may be producing medical evidence for applicants. 

Links to get further help from SSRV where needed. 

The project was supported by and complemented SSRV’s legal practice. Some people need more assistance than a website can offer, and the DSP Help Project was able to assist them by resourcing a dedicated community lawyer to help provide advice and representation for people appealing DSP rejections. 

What did we achieve? 

In the two years we ran the DSP Help Project: 

  • More than 30,000 people made use of the DSP Help website. 
  • Almost 3,500 people used the medical evidence chatbot, and more than 2,000 created customised medical evidence kits to support their application or appeal. 
  • 191 legal services were delivered to individuals, including 18 representations at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. 
  • Community Legal Education was delivered to almost 300 community, support and other workers helping people with the DSP. 

Download the DSP Help Project Year Two report,

What’s in store for the future? 

While the project may have come to an end, DSP Help and SSRV’s work in this space has not. The DSP Help website will remain online, so please, if you or someone you support needs information about the DSP please visit https://dsphelp.org.au/

The DSP will likely remain one of the biggest reasons people get in touch with us and our lawyers will continue to provide advice and casework to people appealing rejected applications. If you or someone you support needs assistance, please contact us. 

Get in Touch 

SSRV is a state-wide community legal centres that provide specialist legal advice and assistance regarding Centrelink matters. DSP Help is part of the range of services offered by SSRV, including: 

Legal Assistance Line (for individuals and carers): 03 9481 0355

Worker Help Line (for support workers and health professionals): 03 9481 0655 

Or visit our websites:

DSP Help


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