Mutual obligations requirements are back for Victorians

Lockdown restrictions are lifting in Victoria, and as of 4 November 2021 mutual obligation requirements are back. The requirements were temporarily waived during the most recent COVID-19 lockdown but they are now being phased back in and it’s important to understand how this impacts you.

If you’re a Centrelink recipient who normally has mutual obligation requirements, your requirements will recommence for your next reporting period.

This means you will need to engage with your employment services provider again and attend your required appointments/comply with your activities to avoid a penalty. 

To find out more about your mutual obligations you can contact your employment services provider or, if you if you don’t have an employment services provider, call your regular Centrelink payment line.

If you’re already signed up for online employment services you can also check your MyGov JobActive Account dashboard.

If you’re unable to attend an appointment, meet a job search/application target, or comply with an activity requirement, it’s really important that you let your employment service provider know before the requirement is due.

Your mutual obligation requirements should be suitable for you and fit your personal circumstances. If you think your mutual obligations plan is not suitable for you, you should speak to your employment services provider as soon as possible.  

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