New Escaping Violence Payment

A new financial support payment has become available for people over the age of 18 who need to leave, or have recently left, a violent partner. It is called the Escaping Violence Payment (EVP) and is part of a trial program called the Escaping Violence Payment Program.

This is not a Centrelink benefit/payment; it is a payment issued by Uniting Care. For people who are eligible, the EVP provides financial assistance and other confidential support services, as needed. You can find out more about the on the Uniting Care website, but some important details include:

  • Any payment received through this program is not taxable or reportable to Centrelink
  • Evidence of violence will be required, and this can include a support letter from an appropriate worker, such as a doctor or a family violence social worker or a court order/other official court or police document
  • Family violence can take many forms and includes, for example, physical, verbal, sexual, emotional, financial abuse, control or coercion.
  • Recipients can receive up to $1,500 in financial assistance as well as other necessary paid goods and services including the costs of removalists, payment of bond or basic items to set up a new home.
  • Centrelink’s crisis payment for extreme circumstances is a separate payment.

In Victoria, eligibility will be determined by Uniting Care and people can apply or find out if they are eligible by submitting an enquiry form on the Uniting Care website.

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