SSRV Staff Profile: Emily Singh

I am the Principal Lawyer here at Social Security Rights Victoria. I started working at SSRV in October 2020 and moved into the Principal Lawyer role in July 2021.  

I am passionate about providing access to justice for all members of the Australian community and believe community legal services play an integral role in holding government to account.  Access to adequate social security is a human right and I believe Australia’s social security system is broken.  

I also believe that through working collaboratively with my clients, colleagues and other members of the community sector we can create great and much needed change!  

I hope to help SSRV to continue to streamline its delivery of legal services to ensure we provide high quality, transparent, trauma informed and culturally informed assistance to members of the Victorian community in a sustainable and accessible way.  

I hope to help lead the organisation with courage and compassion every day and in all parts of my work.    

I grew up in Melbourne and studied law at Victoria University. Since being admitted I have practiced exclusively in administrative law in the community legal sector and intend on practicing in the community legal sector/social justice my entire career.  

Prior to working at SSRV, I practiced in refugee law and also spent a short period working for a not-for-profit foundation in London. I have previously worked in a project management role/coordinator role at a community legal centre.

I am also a mum to a bouncing, curly haired three-year-old and he, and all those in my life, will tell you I am a chatterbox. I look forward to working with and getting to know many of you.  

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