Staff profile: Kristen Densley, Community Lawyer

I started with SSRV in February this year as a community lawyer with a focus on family violence. In my role, I assist people with social security issues who have been impacted by family violence. I also work to raise community awareness, and support organisations that work with people affected by family violence. 

Family violence encompasses the physical and the psychological, and is widespread in our community. Many of us have direct experience or know someone who is affected. Despite this, it’s only relatively recently that family violence has begun to receive the attention it deserves. My work is about improving outcomes at the intersection between family violence and social security law and policy. 

With a long history working as a community lawyer in Legal Centre Land, coming to SSRV has felt a bit like returning home. Prior to that I was a policy adviser with the Victorian government working on mental health policy.

After hours, I like to go walking in places with spectacular views (hello New Zealand!) and I am also learning how to sail a dinghy.

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