Staff Profile: Laura Jordan, Principal Lawyer

While I started at Social Security Rights Victoria in September 2021 as a Community Lawyer working on disaster preparedness, I have since moved into the role of Principal Lawyer.

Prior to joining SSRV, I practised in the community legal sector in the areas of family violence, family law and child protection, in Victoria and in the Northern Territory. I then moved into administrative law before joining the team at SSRV to assist clients with navigating the complex social security system we have in Australia.

I am passionate about the work we do here at SSRV, as well as the community legal sector more broadly, and I am very proud to be part of the team at SSRV. Every day I see up close, and am encouraged by, our team’s passion for social security and assisting our clients. The legal work we do day-to-day can be complex, but we are driven by our common goal of holding the government to account and pursuing correct and just decision-making.

The work we do at SSRV is underpinned by social security being a human right. I believe providing the community with access to lawyers who specialise in social security is a pivotal part of increasing access to justice in the social security space.

Besides my passion for administrative law and social security, I am an avid animal lover and enjoy cooking. On the weekends you’ll find me at the local park or beach with my four-legged furry best friend.

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