Staff Profile: Mark Morand, project worker

I started with SSRV in August 2021, and I work on our Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan. 

Natural disasters, such as bushfires, floods, and even pandemics, are declared between six and 10 times every year in Victoria. Disasters affect people’s relationships with Centrelink, and this presents an opportunity for SSRV to optimise its capability to support people.

Prior to joining SSRV I worked for several years in the community sector. I came to community services after working for many years in senior roles in the insurance industry, including in the space of disaster response.

Along the way I’ve learnt a few things to be true. One, that everyone has a unique relationship with money; two,  everyone lives with the risk of experiencing a natural disaster; and three, our relationship with money is profoundly affected by any exposure we might have to disasters.

I’m hoping to help SSRV become the best we can be at supporting people who interact with Centrelink after being affected by disaster; to raise community awareness about the things that can go wrong; and to provide advice and support to those who do find themselves in dispute with Centrelink.

When I’m not thinking about disasters and the impacts they have on people’s lives, I work as a professional musician, for which I developed a live-long passion from a young age

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