Your Right to Ask

A new campaign has been launched that will help people who are seeking legal advice better understand their lawyer’s ethical obligations.

The ‘Your Right to Ask’ campaign was developed in response to the Royal Commission into the Management of Police Informants, and encourages people to ask their lawyer questions so as to better understand their rights and how they can work with their lawyer.

We know that for many people speaking with a lawyer can be daunting and a little bit intimidating, and clients don’t always have a clear idea of what questions to ask, or even what to expect from their lawyer. The ‘Your Right to Ask’ campaign can make it that much easier.

The campaign has been developed by the Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner, in conjunction with the Law Institute of Victoria, the Victorian Bar, Victoria Legal Aid and the Federation of Community Legal Centres, with support from a number of other legal organisations.

“A client who feels comfortable asking questions is a client better empowered to make decisions,” says 

Victorian Legal Services Board CEO and Commissioner Fiona McLeay.

‘Your Right to Ask’ is comprised of a checklist, made up of questions people can ask their lawyer to ensure they understand their lawyer’s obligations to them as a client.

The questions cover:

Information is available in multiple languages.

SSRV encourages everyone seeking legal advice to check out the ‘Your Right to Ask’ campaign here.

We also encourage you to ask the team at SSRV the questions as relevant to our services. They will provide you with the relevant information or link you to the person who can assist you the best.

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