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Help end policy-induced single mother poverty

SSRV is supporting a campaign by the Council of Single Mothers and Their Children, calling on the Government to raise […]

When is a couple not a couple?

The rate of Centrelink income support for a couple is less than the rate for two individuals. This is based […]

Did you know?

The impact of disasters can be worsened by Centrelink processes: Mutual obligations Our interactions with people who have lived through disasters such as […]

Staff profile: Kristen Densley, Community Lawyer

I started with SSRV in February this year as a community lawyer with a focus on family violence. In my […]

Did you know?

One in four Centrelink decisions appealed to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal are changed​ In any given year, around a quarter […]

SSRV’s Worker Helpline 

Robert*, a social worker, was working with a client who had come to Australia from Italy eight years ago and […]