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Natural disasters: Natural disasters are declared in Victoria between six and 10 times every year. In 2021, the following eight […]

Staff Profile: Mark Morand, project worker

I started with SSRV in August 2021, and I work on our Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan.  Natural disasters, such […]

Centrelink has resumed debt recovery

During pandemic lockdowns in Victoria, a temporary pause was put on Centrelink debt recovery. Debt recovery has now resumed, and […]

Debt, Duress and Dob-ins

A new report looking at Centrelink debts and domestic violence, confirms what SSRV have been seeing in our family violence […]

Robodebt class-action settlement: impacts and options for affected people

Free community legal education sessions February 2022 In June 2021 the Federal Court made an Order, following agreement between the […]

SSRV: The year in review

The SSRV Annual Report for the 2020-2021 financial year was presented at our Annual General Meeting on 17 November 2021. […]